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Bar Exam Calendar

February ExamJuly Exam
Exam Application Timely FilingAug 15 - Oct 31Jan 15 - Mar 31
Exam Application Late Fee and Close*Nov 1 - 30April 1 - 30

Exam Retake Application Timely Filing

20 days after score release
20 days after score release

Exam Retake Application Late Fee and Close

5 business days after retake timely filing deadline5 business days after retake timely filing deadline
Laptop/Computer RegistrationApproximately January 15 - 30Approximately June 15 - 30
Exam Instructions and Information Memo to Applicants Early FebruaryEarly July
Evidence of Graduation DeadlineFebruary 1 June 15

UBE Administration 

    Last Tuesday and Wednesday of February

    Last Tuesday and Wednesday of July

    UBE Score Release 
    On or before 2nd Friday in May
    On or before 2nd Friday in October

    *Note: Applicants awaiting score results from the most recent exam administration should not start a new exam application until after they receive their exam scores.


    Computer-Based Testing Registration

    ADA Accommodations Information

    Application Preparation Reminders:

    The following reminders are provided to help you prepare your exam application.

    Exam Application Checklist

    Current Rules of Admission

    Admission Fees & Deadlines (Administrative Order PDF)

    FAQs - Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting Attorney Admissions.

    Forms available for printing and signature, then upload with application (do not mail in):

    Other required items you must upload (do not mail in):

    • Evidence of Graduation (see Rule Requirement)
    • Photograph - passport-type photo (see sample application document for details)
    • Citizenship (current proof of name, age and lawful presence)

    Other required item, not available electronically, you must mail in to the address below:

    • Completed fingerprint card - The standard FBI blue and white fingerprint card, on heavy stock, is available from Attorney Admissions by emailing a request, along with your current mailing address to Please put "Fingerprint Card Request" in the subject line of your email. Live-scan or ink prints must be affixed to the card. The completed fingerprint card must be mailed so that it arrives within 5 days of your application submission to ensure timely processing. Do not mail the completed fingerprint card until you have submitted and paid for your bar admissions application.

      Mail completed fingerprint card to:

      Arizona Supreme Court
      Attorney Admissions
      1501 West Washington Street, Suite 104
      Phoenix, AZ 85007

    The following items are not required to apply or sit for the exam, but are your responsibility to provide to complete the admission process: