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Committee on Character and Fitness

Committee on Character and Fitness assesses character and fitness to practice law of every applicant, based on Supreme Court guidelines, and makes a recommendation to the Supreme Court of individuals who have passed the examinations required by the Committee on Examinations and who are deemed by the Committee to be qualified on the basis of character and fitness. Membership includes active members of the State Bar and public members.

Committee Members

  • Edward F Novak, Chair
  • Jospeh Adams
  • Aaron Allen
  • Jennifer M Bailey
  • Augustine Bartning
  • Andrew J Becke
  • Cynthia Braun
  • Shannon Clark
  • Joya Dunbar
  • Alyson M Foster
  • Amy Foster
  • Troy Foster
  • David Hernandez
  • Inna Korenzvit
  • Carl E Landrum
  • Jaren Leung
  • Joe Machado
  • Marshall H Porter
  • Jennifer Rock
  • Cherdell Singleton
  • Robert Underdown
  • Tamika Wooten

Committee on Examinations

Committee on Examinations examines applicants for admission to the practice of law and advises the Supreme Court and the Committee on Character and Fitness regarding applicants who have passed the required examinations. Membership includes active members of the State Bar.

Committee Members

  • Michael J Donovan, Chair
  • Casey Ball
  • William Cawthon
  • Timothy W Durkin
  • Erin M Evans
  • Gregory J Gnepper
  • Amber D Hughes
  • Frankie Y Jones
  • Jack L O'Connor
  • Timothy A Stratton
  • Cory E Tyszka
  • Erika Weiler