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Computer-Based Testing

Bar Examination

The Arizona Uniform Bar Examination is administered as an in-person exam at an event venue not a computer testing center. MEE, MPT and MBE questions are provided in printed hard copy. Applicants who choose to type their MEE & MPT answers must use their own personal laptop to register, pay for, and download the software through the laptop vendor during the laptop registration period. Those who do not register their laptops will be required to handwrite the examination. No laptops are used for the MBE. All MBE answers are submitted using scantrons.


The laptop fee for the bar examination is $125.00 and is paid directly to the vendor, not to the Supreme Court.

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum Standard Requirements are available at:

Overview and Pre-Exam Deadlines

Arizona will be using ILG Exam360® secure testing software. Applicants who want to type their MEE & MPT answers on their laptops must strictly adhere to all deadlines and instructions in order to complete their registration and take the exam. The deadlines cannot and will not be extended for any reason. Failure to meet any of these deadlines will result in handwriting the bar examination.


Registration dates and deadlines for the exams:


ILG Exam360® Registration Opens: January 12th, 2024.

ILG Exam360® Registration and Trial Exam Deadline: January 31st, 2024.


ILG Exam360® Registration Opens: June 14th.

ILG Exam360® Registration and Trial Exam Deadline: June 30th.

STEP 1: Register and download ILG Exam360®

Applicants who indicated intent to test via laptop in their exam application will receive an email notification when the ILG Exam360® registration period begins. The email will provide all of the information necessary to claim their ILG Exam360® account, register, and download ILG Exam360®. It is applicant responsibility to ensure that emails from ILG Exam360® and the Arizona Supreme Court Attorney Admissions are not filtered as spam and to add and to your email address book.

STEP 2: Take and upload the MANDATORY Trial Exam.

Launch ILG Exam360® and select the Trial Exam option. Enter the exam password available on the password screen. Become familiar with ILG Exam360® and its features by typing a paragraph in each question window and use available formatting options. During your actual exam, answer each question in the appropriately numbered window. Do NOT type all answers into one window. Once you have completed the Trial Exam, close ILG Exam360® to re-establish your internet connection. Launch ILG Exam360® and click the upload button for the Trial Exam.

Exam Day Instructions and Uploading Answer Files

Exam day instructions will be provided at your seat. You must follow each step on the instructions to initiate ILG Exam360® before instructions begin.

Post-exam Answer Files Upload Deadline: Answer files should be uploaded as soon as an internet connection can be established after leaving the exam site. The deadline to complete all uploads will be provided at the exam site. Any applicant who needs assistance must contact ILG Exam360® for assistance prior to the upload deadline.


For technical support please contact ILG Exam360® via the options provided in your initial laptop registration email.