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Browse Forms is for VIEWING the application questions. Sub-sections of the application can be expanded/viewed by selecting Yes / No answer to questions within the application. You must create a user account and login to your user home page to complete an application form.
Please review to ensure all questions have been answered.

Applicants must read and acknowledge their understanding of the information and instructions.


Current Rules of Admission to the Bar in Arizona

You are responsible to read and understand the Rules Regulating Admission to the Bar in Arizona

Electronic Communications

All information and announcements are posted on our website at You are expected to regularly visit your application portal and the Arizona Supreme Court Attorney Admissions website to review the notices, announcements and information posted. Arizona Supreme Court Attorney Admissions corresponds with applicants primarily via the application portal and e-mail. You should use an e-mail address that you can access even after graduation from law school. You are required to maintain a current e-mail address and mailing address on your personal Arizona Supreme Court Attorney Admissions Registration Account, and to regularly read all mail from this office, whether sent electronically or by postal service. It is your responsibility to ensure that e-mails from the Arizona Supreme Court Attorney Admissions are not filtered as spam and to add to your e-mail address book.

NCBE Number

You will be asked in the application for the bar examination to provide your NCBE number. Request an NCBE number online at Once you have a NCBE number you will use the same number no matter where you are sitting for the MBE.

Application for Admission by Examination Universal Deadlines

July Examination: Application period begins January 15th each year, and ends April 30th each year. Late fees may apply, depending upon date of submission.

February Examination: Application period begins August 15th each year, and ends November 30th each year. Late fees may apply, depending upon date of submission.

For a complete list of specific examination deadlines, dates and fees, see Admission Fees & Deadlines (Administrative Order PDF) and the Bar Exam Cycle Calendar posted on the website. You will also need to monitor your user portal, emails and the website Announcements page for additional information and any changes that might occur after you submit your application.

Important: Please read carefully before proceeding:

All applicants must complete and provide evidence as required. The Supreme Court has deemed each one of these criteria as required. An application without these requirements will result in denial of certification to sit for examination.

Refer to the Required Documentation listed below and gather all supporting documentation prior to completing your online application. The exam application must be completed at the time of submission.

You are required to advise the Committee of all changes to your application and/or Character Report occurring form the time of filing until your date of admission.


General Requirements for Admission by Uniform Bar Examination:

Applicant is or over the age of 21 years

Applicant is of good moral character.

Applicant is mentally, emotionally and physically able to engage in the practice of law, and possess the required knowledge of the law

Applicant holds a Juris Doctor degree from a law school approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) at the time of graduation. If you do not hold a Juris Doctor from an ABA approved law school, you must have been actively engaged in the practice of law in some other U.S. state or states for at least three of the past five years prior to filing an application of admission of examination.

If ever admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction (foreign or domestic), the applicant must be presently in good standing, resigned in good standing or is capable of achieving good standing status in that jurisdiction.

Required Application Documentation to be Certified to sit for Uniform Bar Examination:

The below documentation must be provided to the Committee on Examination in order to complete processing of your application. Within the Bar Exam Application, you will be instructed to upload documents. Do so using the Upload Documents section on your user account.

  1. NCBE Number
  2. Declaration (must be notarized)
  3. Authorization and Release (must be notarized)
  4. Code of Conduct (each item must be initialed, and document must be signed and dated)
  5. Non-Communication Agreement (must be signed)

  6. Evidence of Graduation - A Juris Doctor degree from an ABA-approved law school. If you do not hold a Juris Doctor from an ABA approved law school, you must submit an affidavit indicating you have been actively engaged in the practice of law in some other U.S. state or states for at least three of the past five years prior to filing an application of admission by examination. Please see the Resources page on our website.

    If you are awaiting JD conferral and anticipate having it prior to the exam administration you are applying for, you must upload a place-holder document including your name, law school, and anticipated graduation date. This is an application placeholder only; it does not satisfy the evidence of JD requirement for certification.

    Upon JD conferment you must update your application before February 1st for the February exam administration or June 15th for the July exam administration with one of the three options below:

    Option 1: Upload a photocopy of your diploma clearly showing award of Juris Doctor on specific date.
    Option 2: Upload original verified transcript indicating date Juris Doctor conferred, or
    Option 3: Upload a currently dated original letter from your law school attesting to date your Juris Doctor was conferred.

    WARNING: If you do not update your application with the required documentation by the deadline shown above, you will not be eligible to sit for the exam. See Ariz. R. Sup. Ct. 34(d)(1) and Administrative Order 2011-141.

  7. Photograph - Your uploaded photo must meet the following requirements:
    • Full face view, directly facing the camera, with a neutral expression and both eyes open.
    • Color photo.
    • Photo must show only you in front of a plain white background.
    • Have uniform lighting - the photo must not show shadows or shadowing of facial features.
    • Glasses are permitted; however, glare in the photo is not acceptable (glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses or by turning off the flash).
    • No hat or head covering unless worn for religious purposes.
    • 300 x 300 square once uploaded.
    • Photo file type must be a .png, .jpg, or .jpeg
    • Taken within the past 6 months to reflect your current appearance. If your photo is over 12 months old or your appearance has changed, you are required to upload a new photo that reflects your current appearance. To do so, you can use the "Upload Photo" button in the UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO box on your user homepage.

  8. Completed fingerprint card - THIS IS THE ONLY DOCUMENT TO BE MAILED TO OUR OFFICE. The standard FBI blue and white fingerprint card, on heavy stock, is available from Attorney Admissions by emailing a request, along with your current mailing address to Please put "Fingerprint Card Request" in the subject line of your email. Live-scan or ink prints must be affixed to the card. The completed fingerprint card must be mailed so that it arrives within 5 days of your application submission to ensure timely processing. Do not mail the completed fingerprint card until you have submitted and paid for the Bar Exam Application.

    Mail completed fingerprint card to:
    Arizona Supreme Court
    Attorney Admissions
    1501 West Washington Street, Suite 104
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

  9. Proof of Age and Lawful Status - Government issued photo identification establishing age and lawful status in the United States.

  10. ADA Testing Accommodations - Complete request including all required forms and supporting documentation will be submitted with the exam application online and is subject to exam application filing deadlines and fees. See Ariz. R. Sup. Ct. (35(b)(5) and Administrative Order 2011-141. View the Testing Accommodation guidelines here.

  11. Non-ADA Accommodations - For individuals without disabilities whose health condition is such that might require access to prohibited items during the bar examinations, this form is due at time of application and may require treating physician signature. Any items that are not on the list below are prohibited. Access the Non-ADA Accommodation Request Form here.

      Permitted Items:
    • Wallet
    • Money, credit card
    • Government issue ID for entry
    • Keys
    • Non-digital (analog) wristwatch
    • Sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact solution, eyedrops
    • Prescription Medication(s) with prescription label
    • Non- Prescription Medication(s) - removed from packaging
    • Feminine hygiene products
    • Transparent water bottle(s) - with no label or writing
    • Laptop, power cord, wired mouse, wired keyboard - MEE and MPT test day if laptop certified

Documentation Required prior to Admission to the Practice of Law:

Valid MPRE Score - Evidence of acceptable minimum scaled score of 85, taken within 8 years of the successful bar examination or within the time frame for taking the oath of admission. See Ariz. R. Sup.Ct. 35(b)(8). To request NCBE to send a score report or to register to take the next scheduled MPRE click here.

Completion of Arizona Law Course - For registration information on how to fulfill this requirement, please go to the following link, where you will find information allowing you to view video modules, from your computer in any location. Your completion of all online modules triggers an internal notice to our staff. You are not required to upload or submit a certificate of completion. Click here to register.

Character and Fitness Application - Not required to be filed with your exam application. Applicant can be certified to sit for the bar examination without having filed the Character and Fitness Application.

Certificate of Standing - If the applicant has been previously admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction, foreign or domestic, the certificate of the appropriate court agency(ies) or the mandatory bar association, whichever has custody of the roll of attorneys in such jurisdiction, indicating the date of admission and that the applicant is presently in good standing, or that the applicant resigned in good standing or is capable of achieving good standing status in that jurisdiction;

  • Must be dated no earlier than 60 days prior to application
  • Must indicate date of admission and reflect current standing
  • May not be printed off website or internet
I have read and understand the Arizona Supreme Court Rules of Admission to Practice Law.
I understand that I am required to advise Attorney Admissions of all changes to my Exam and/or Character and Fitness application occurring from the time of filing my initial exam application until my date of admission.
I have read and understand these instructions.