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Character and Fitness General Information

If you filed a Character and Fitness application prior to August 30, 2022, you may reach out to our office to check your application status.

Rules of Admission

Arizona Supreme Court Rules of Admission to Practice Law can be found here.

Arizona Supreme Court Committee on Character and Fitness Guidelines can be found here.


Checklist for Character and Fitness Application can be found here.


Administrative Order No. 2011-141 regarding fees can be found here.


There is no precise time period for processing any file, as every applicant's background is unique. The initial investigation will take a minimum of four months, followed by file assessment by members of the Committee.

The Committee on Character and Fitness is required by Supreme Court Rule to assess your diligence. You must complete the research necessary to answer each question. Failure to strictly comply with the requirements of the application will reflect negatively upon you, and will result in substantial delay to, or potential denial of, your admission to the practice of law.

During the investigation, you may be asked for additional information or clarification. If this is necessary, the investigation may be significantly prolonged. If you do not respond within thirty days, the investigation will be abandoned until your written response is received.

The investigation is open and ongoing until at least such time that you are successful on the Arizona Uniform Bar Examination. No status will be provided prior to that date, and then only if the Committee has been afforded the time required to complete the initial investigation.

Pursuant to Ariz. Sup. Ct. Rule 37(a)(1), an applicant must take the oath of admission and be admitted to practice of law within five years prior to the date when the UBE Score was earned. This means your background investigation must be completed before the date of your exam. If you have not submitted your application at least 6 months prior to your score expiration date, you may not be eligible for admission and no refund is permissible in accordance with the admission rules. If you wish to motion the Court for an extension of the time by which you must be admitted, you will need to file the motion with the Clerk of the Supreme Court and serve a copy on the Committee on Character and Fitness.

Arizona Law Course & MPRE:

An investigation is considered to be open and ongoing until at least such time that applicant completes the required Course on Arizona Law and submits proof of a passing score on the MPRE as established in this jurisdiction. The passing MPRE score must be earned within eight years of the date of application or within the time frame for taking the oath of admission after the successful bar examination. Both are required before the Committee on Character and Fitness is able to make a final determination regarding admission.

References Note: 

Please provide e-mail addresses for your references and notify them they should expect an e-mail from for reference verification. Failure to provide email addresses or providing incorrect email addresses will delay the time it takes to process applications.