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Foreign Legal Consultant

Please refer to Rule 38(b), Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court before submitting an application for Foreign Legal Consultant. Please ensure you have read and reviewed Rule 38(b) in its entirety, including subsection (3) Scope of Authority and (3)(A) Scope of Practice portions of this rule. This is for registration only, not full admission.

To be issued a certificate of registration as a foreign legal consultant pursuant to Rule 38(b) an applicant must meet specific requirements including, but are not limited to:

  • You have been admitted to practice and have been in good standing for not less than five years immediately preceding the date of application;
  • You have actively practiced law for three of the prior five years;
  • You possess the good moral character necessary for a member of the state bar;
  • Intend to practice in Arizona and maintain and office in Arizona for that purpose; and
  • You possess the necessary documentation evidencing compliance with the immigration laws of the United States.

To begin the application process:

  1. Read Rule 38(b) Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court and all information provided on this webpage.
  2. Print out and complete the Foreign Legal Consultant Application and Checklist (printable pdf)
  3. Submit according to the instructions found in the application.

For questions email